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October 23 2012

You have heard of anti-oxidants, such as for instance vitamin C, lycopene, and beta - carotene, which come in many fruits and vegetables. Studies suggest that those who eat meals that are full of vegetables and fruits have a reduced risk of cancer. A number of substances from plants known as phytochemicals also appear to protect cells from harmful compounds in food and in the setting, in addition to prevent cell damage and mutations, says Jed W. Fahey, ScD, MS, a faculty research associate at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who studies how cruciferous vegetables help protect against illness.

A diet that could ward off cancer actually will not look that not the same as the healthful foods you should be eating anyway, says Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD, RD, a professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Which means lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains and lean meat or fish.

And weight matters too. Keep the scale at a number and lose some pounds if desired. "Everybody knows overweight and obesity are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes," says Arthur Schatzkin, MD, DrPH, chief of the nutritional epidemiology division and senior investigator at the National Cancer Institute. "It has become clear [both are] a major risk factor for breast cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer -- most of them."

So what foods in case you load up to give your system the very best opportunity of steering away from cancer? WebMD scrutinized research, sometimes inconsistent, to tease out some foods you'll need to eat plenty of, starting right now.

April 27 2012

Absolutely hilarious!
Neat interior. A dioumond in the rough.
Good job!


Definitely funny looking food.

a beautiful pic.

The original site is also pretty neat.
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